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Motorboat x Stand up paddle Plan

Nikko Chuzenji Lake

There is a magnificent view of the southern shore of Lake Chuzenji.   We charter a motor boat and load all the paddling gears, take you to a superb view point for beginners and intermediates.

Flow of this plan

Step1: Gather at the starting place and change clothes.

Step2: Board a motor boat and head to a scenic view on the lake.

Step3: When you reach the destination point, the staff will prepare the gears.

Step4: We will explain how to use the paddle, safety points, how to row, what to do if you fall into the water, etc. First, let's start rowing into the lake from a sitting position.

Step5: Once you get used to it, you will go ashore and give a lecture how to stand up. Let's enjoy the unique feeling standing up on the water.


Step6: Motor boat will come to the point after about an hour of experience.

Meeting Place

Place: Mihashiya Restaurant (Chuzenji Post Office is a landmark - Google Map)


We will recept and start from the pier in front of this place. The location might be difficult to find, please call the phone number given in the reservation email when you come closer. The staff on duty will guide you.


*Please be sure to meet up 30 minutes before the start time.


*Strong recommend that you set “Chuzeji Post Office” for navigation on your car or phone.


・Motor boat charter: 12,000JPY / 1 Group

*Split by number of your group.


・Adult: 7,500JPY / person (Tax included, Over 10 years old)


・Child: 5,500JPY (Tax included, Under 5-10 years old)

*Ride with parents on one same board.

*1 child on 1 SUP board.


All prices breakdown: Gear rental fee (SUP board, paddle, life jacket, leash code), experience fee

How to pay

Credit card (VISA, Master), Bank transfer


Cash or Paypay (At reception)


Wetsuits: 500JPY / person

Conditions of participation

Number of people: 2 person minimum, 6 people maximum


*There is a possibility that we will be able to have flexibly accommodate more people if you give us time depending on the reservation date situation. Please contact us (

Experience: Even those who are completely new to Stand up paddling or who are not good at swimming can participate.

Start time

Morning part: AM9:30 ~ 11:30

Afternoon part: PM13:30 ~ 15:30

Items to be prepared

- Clothes okay to get wet.

- If you wear wet suits swim suits or thin short pants and shorts are perfect.

- Sports shoes okay to get wet or sandals with heels. Its very easy to get off from your feet if you fall in and might lose them.

- Outer jacket. As thin as possible. To avoid the wind because  if wet body blown by the wind the body temperature tends to decrease very fast.

- Drink.

- Good health and sleep.


Customers are requested to join accident insurance (Inbound travel insurance for foreign visitors to Japan)


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1. Compensation for medical expenses due to injury or illness while staying in Japan such as heat stroke, bone fracture, myocardial infarction.


2. Quickly inform about 800 affiliated medical institutions.


3. Call center staff Interpret with medical knowledge are available 24hrs 7days a week to communicate with doctors.


4. Cashless medical treatment without the need to pay expensive medical treatment at hospital.


5. You can purchase this insurance if your travel period is less than 30 days.


6. Able to purchase for tourism or business trips use.


7. Multiple people can join with family and friends.


*All the contents in this page is no income such as affiliates or referral fees will be generated between each insurance company or product with Sup! Sup! .


*We strongly recommend for join the Tokyo SUP Tour.


*No need to purchase If you already have purchased same service contains such as domestic travel insurance introduced here.



Please note that all the plan or tour are conducted in the nature, schedule may be changed or canceled, or the time for gathering and dissolution may be changed depending on the weather, water volume, and other conditions. 


Those who are pregnant, who drink alcohol or who have a chronic illness that may interfere with plan or tour are not allowed to participate.



Cancellation fee:

In case of cancellation due to customer's personal circumstances, the following fee will be charged.

- 3 days before: free

- 2 days before: 30% of total

- The day before: 50% of total

- The day: 100% of total

- After implementation (non-contact without participation): 100% of total

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