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Accident Insurance

Sup! Sup!では中禅寺湖特有の環境に十分気をつけ各プラン・ツアーを催行しており、保険は賠償責任保険に加入しています。





We have liability insurance. The coverage of this insurance is applied only when there is a gross negligence on our company. 


This does not apply to accidents caused by contact accidents between customers, injury due to carelessness, or failure not to follow the guide”s instructions.


Customers are offered to join their own insurance, and on this page there are "Domestic Travel Insurance" and "Inbound Travel Insurance for foreign visitors to Japan“ which able to purchase on online.













2.Inbound travel insurance for foreign visitors to Japan

This insurance covers medical expenses for illnesses and injuries for foreign travelers. Customers are requested to join accident insurance.

Benefits and features of the insurance

1. Compensation for medical expenses due to injury or illness while staying in Japan such as heat stroke, bone fracture, myocardial infarction.


2. Quickly inform about 800 affiliated medical institutions.


3. Call center staff Interpret with medical knowledge are available 24hrs 7days a week to communicate with doctors.


4. Cashless medical treatment without the need to pay expensive medical treatment at hospital.


5. You can purchase this insurance if your travel period is less than 30 days.


6. Able to purchase for tourism or business trips use.


7. Multiple people can join with family and friends.

*このページでご紹介している各保険会社や商品とSup! Sup!の間でアフィリエイトや紹介料といった収入は一切発生しません。独立したサービスを直接ご紹介しています。


*All the contents in this page is no income such as affiliates or referral fees will be generated between each insurance company or product with Sup! Sup! .


*No need to purchase If you already have purchased same service contains such as domestic travel insurance introduced here.

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